The Opportunity

Is there an Opportunity?

People love mirrors!

People love to look in mirrors. Nobody can pass a mirror without looking into it. Displayed content gets into the brain and it sticks.

Mirrors are everywhere!

You have a lot of mirrors at your location. Why not use them for advertisements?

We have the solution!

We have the perfect solution for you to add a new advertisement channel. Our mirrors are perfect for ads.

How you can use it


  • dynamic advertising, e.g. depending on the time of day
  • several spots in loop
  • creative formats and a wide range of design options

Useful Information
  • enriched with useful information, e.g. about location, weather, time, etc.
  • additional information addable via NFC

Activated by you
  • devices that respond to visitors, change or enrich content
  • measurability
  • surprising effects

Independent of your infrastructure

On request, the mirrors can be operated completely independently of your infrastructure via UMTS. They can also be integrated into your infrastructure and digital signage strategy.

Fast Installation

We manufacture the mirrors precisely tailored to your location. This makes the conversion into a replacement for the existing equipment. We can fulfil many special requests. Talk to us!

Your new Sales Channel

You distribute the new advertising space yourself. We take care of content management, maintenance and support you with technical questions.